Best Home Builders In Roanoke


When you are looking for the best home builders in Roanoke, you should know that we are very proud of all that we have to offer at Lingenfelter Custom Homes.

Whether you have been looking for a home for a while or you know that going custom is right for you, our staff can be there throughout each step of the process. This is something where you cannot hire just anyone because it is crucial that you have a team on your side that is not only skilled but will also be there to address whatever questions or concerns that you may have.

It is no secret that construction for a new home is a major project and you want nothing but the best so that your dream home is everything you need it to be. Lingenfelter Custom Homes has the architects, designers, and suppliers that you want on your side so that your home is tailored to your personality, budget, and ideas.

We have been working with customers just like you who have ideas, but they are not sure how to bring it all into fruition. All you have to do is come to us and tell us what you are looking for and we can start to get the ball rolling. We will be there to help with the location, layout, financing, and all of the little details that are involved. You can trust us for a luxurious home that you will love to come back to at the end of each day, and we look forward to making you one of our happy customers.

Call us today at Lingenfelter Custom Homes at (972) 410-4141, and we can tell you why people call us the best home builders in Roanoke (76262).