Working With A Modern Home Builder In Roanoke

Working With A Modern Home Builder In Roanoke

If you have dreams of a beautiful custom home, you can start to look at your floor plan and layout options with a dependable modern home builder in Roanoke. We want you to know that we are here to make your custom home dreams come true at Lingenfelter Custom homes and we offer a home building process that is simplified and tailored to your needs. 


It goes without saying that longevity is critical when building a new home. This means paying close attention to the overall design, picking out high-quality materials, and constructing the home in a manner that allows for flexibility for maintenance and upkeep. At Lingenfelter Custom Homes, we take pride in making sure that your custom home is designed for longevity so that your investment will remain protected for many years into the future.

Crafted To Evolve

Many families will grow and change throughout the years, so we can go over your options for a house that is able to accommodate your needs as your family evolves. It is important that the main infrastructure of your modern home never becomes outdated or functional as this can lead to costly repairs or upgrades. Talk with us about your family now and how you see your family 1o or 15 years in the future so that we can craft a timeless, yet modern design and floor plan for you.

Lingenfelter Custom Homes feature design professionals and craftsman that you can trust to take care of your modern home design from start to finish. We will always take your vision and requirements into consideration along with the environment where you would like us to build your home.  

Let Lingenfelter Custom Homes create your dream house. For a modern home builder in Roanoke, call us for a consultation today at (972) 410-4141.